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Everything in this story was meant to be. I love to plan and to party, the two things you need to organize the perfect wedding. I have always loved weddings. Since I was a little kid I looked at e every bride as a special person. I used to follow her and look at her astonished for hours. And when that magic day arrived for my self, when it was me in the white gown, I felt so happy but also so incredibly overwhelmed. I spent days looking for the perfect color theme, I wanted the perfect party, that party that nobody wants to leave and that each and every guest will remember. But if I look back at that day I also remember the stress on our shoulders to make everything right, all that stress did not make it possible to completely enjoy that day, our day. Me and my husband missed the help of someone that would have taken care of us, by relieving us from the problems of the implementation and by just leaving us with the best part of the organization: the choice of the details.This is why, also thanks to my mentor Enzo Miccio, I decided to become a Wedding Planner myself and to solve to the futures brides all those problems I had during the organization of my own wedding. Be a Wedding Planner is a dream for me, I want to be a trusted friend for the future brides, I want to be the one taking care of every small details and let the bride and the groom just enjoy that day, with no troubles but only that true joy they deserve. Fulfilling your dreams is my dream.

Vittoria Belmonte - Wedding Planner

The agency Vittora Wedding planner is at your service to make unique every yours single event


Vittoria Wedding Planner is a project that aims at creating a referral point for grooms and brides that are organizing their wedding but also supporting the organization of other important events. We believe that events are like people: unique for character, style and taste. This is exactly our starting point: we want to create tailored events, able to impress and excite at the same time, leaving your guests with that feeling of sharing a special moment. For our customers we have a wide selection of providers, carefully selected to guarantee quality at the best possible price. We offer our professional services together with the passion for what we do.

We constantly keep an eye on the new trends that, together with innovation and glamour will make your dreams come true.

  • We carefully select our providers to guarantee high quality at the best price.
  • We personally take care of the wedding design, by carefully tailoring it based on your personality, taste and preferences
  • Our services cover the complete timeframe of your event, from the ceremony, thorough the reception, until the very end of your celebration.
  • We can help you out with the bureaucracy and we are there to suggest amazing venues, ranging from romantic castles and villas to chic country houses and open spaces. We will everything to satisfy your needs!
  • We help you to realize everything you have always
  • No matters the style you wish to give to your wedding, be it traditional, elegant, sophisticated, or eccentric, it needs to be perfect in any single part. We will be there to help you reaching such perfection

Contact us or cone to visit our showroom to discover our packages, services and fees. Provide us with your budget and your wishes, the rest is on us!

And remember.. the first appointment with our precious advice is for free!

Book an appointment, we will give you the first consultation.


Party Planner
Scenographies & Productions
Party "18"
  • Amalfi Coast
  • Wedding M & M
  • Wedding L & F
  • Wedding G & A
  • Wedding E & JC
  • Nicole's Baptism
  • Sunflower Theme Party
  • Old Farm
  • Party Theme Nemo

Our Services

Offered Services

  • Design and creation of the event
  • Research Location and Church
  • Catering and Banqueting
  • Participations tableau and cadeau
  • Flower design
  • Wedding Cake
  • Candy Buffet
  • Wedding lists
  • Hair and Make up stylist
  • Personal shopper
  • Car rental
  • Music Location and Church
  • Entertainment and comedy shows

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